Nick and Natasha

A Green Lakes State Park N.Y. Engagement With Nichole and Codee

 Green Lakes State Park in Upstate New York is somewhat of a natural wonder. The color of the water there is reminiscent of the Caribbean, but just a few feet from the water is a beautiful landscape only found in Upstate New York.

 Our engagement session with Nichole and Codee at Green Lakes State Park was awash in soft beautiful light and the scenery around fit their personalities perfectly. A mile long walk around the lake  allowed us to really get to know Codee and Nichole and we love the images that came from it.

 The most amazing sunset was a final note and perfect ending to a great session. The warmth of the light and the tall grass really made this vision come together. Two beautiful people sharing a beautiful moment on a perfect day. We hope it felt as special for them as it did for us.