Forever Hotel Syracuse, A Historic Gala

"Forever Hotel Syracuse: A historic Gala" was an amazing way for guests to say goodbye to the "Hotel Syracuse" name, and to be the first to celebrate its miraculous re-birth as the "Marriott Syracuse Downtown".

 This might be the most elegant venue in Central New York. From the entrance into the main lobby, to the Grand Ball Room This place is absolutely stunning. 

We look forward to photographing, many more events at this venue. Here is a first look at the new Mariot Syracuse Downtown,  and a last dance for the former "Hotel Syracuse".

Classic cars from the 1920s park near one of two main entrances.

The entrance to the main lobby. 

A magnificent Grand Ballroom. 

Horse drawn carriages bring guests around the city.

Live music in the lobby wile guests begin to show up before the main event. 

Guests on the balcony in the Grand Ball Room.

Guests dance in the Persian Terrace.