Marriott Syracuse Downtown, N.Y.

Nick and Natasha

Photographing this unique event at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown, former Hotel Syracuse's magnificent Grand Ballroom, was nothing short of amazing. After a seventy four million dollar renovation and before the much anticipated Grand opening, the new Marriott Syracuse Downtown defies elegance and is a reminder of an affluent city past. From the beautiful artistry, combined with the old school architecture, all the way down to the amazing staff, this place is the explication of class.

Over 40 upstate weddings were booked before renovations completed. Brides and grooms had to tour their wedding venue for the first time in hard hats. They truly had to have a vision.


This particular event, Bar Mitzvah, was special for more then just a few reasons.  People from all over the world where there to celebrate.  Even the entertainment was flown in from Australia, incredibly talented John Morf, check him out:

The highlight of the evening for us,  was when the hosts brought out the entire kitchen staff to show that it takes a lot more then a beautiful location to make this place work, and that it takes an entire team of well trained people.

As we go through a sizable amount of great footage here, at Nick and Natasha Photography, we though this moment was worth sharing. There are many more. Stay tuned...